Welcoming New Friends

Sundancer Stables extends a hearty welcome to the following horses and their owners who joined us recently:

  • We welcomed Gracie owned by the Lickteig family who have now also welcomed Mr Harley into their family;
  • We welcomed Diesel owned by Laurie;
  • We welcomed Maverik owned by Lynelle;
  • We welcomed Dahlia owned by Aviva;
  • We welcomed Willy owned by Robert;
  • We welcomed Tristan owned by Stephen;
  • We welcomed back Envy owned by Abby and this week we welcomed her second horse Charlie;
  • We welcomed Promise and Sir owned by Lacey;
  • We welcomed Mikiah owned by Kristen;
  • We welcomed Chocolatte owned by Karen;
  • We welcomed back our old friend Herman owned by Gina and Shawn;
  • We welcomed Parker owned by Rhonda;
  • We welcomed back Daisy owned by Deni;
  • We welcomed Brie owned by Danielle;
  • We welcomed back Bravo owned by Ashley;
  • We welcomed Mercedes' new owners the LaTouf family who also own Charm and Wesley.

Due to COVID-19 we made the tough decision to not show any of our horses or to breed any of our mares to Hes Berry Blazin in 2020. However we welcomed the following patter of tiny hooves in 2021 from Shes So Berry Cool (Valentina):

- Miss Chandra, a buckskin filly sired by Machine Made, a full sister to her buckskin brother, Mr Buckshot who is currently in training with Robert. 





Our COVID-19 Policy

As we wish to keep our facility open to our owners and workers for as long as we possibly can, from July 27, 2021 until further notice, Sundancer Stables re-implemented some COVID-19 safety policies in an attempt to keep our clients and their children as well as our workers as safe as possible and to try to limit the spread of the delta variant as much as we possibly can through:

1)  Requesting anyone feeling unwell or who may have been exposed to the virus to not visit the property and to request extra help with turnout, exercise, etc while in quarantine;

2)  Implementing a mandatory face mask policy for everyone coming onto the property, regardless of vaccination status.  This is not a political statement - we actually live here - this is our home and if this saves even one life here it will have been worth it;

3)  Implementing a social distancing policy;

4)  Implementing a policy to limit the number of family and friends visiting the property;

5) Setting up a station for distributing free face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer

6) Requesting everyone to cleanse any surfaces they touch.

At Sundancer Stables we have a great team of clients and workers and we always prefer to err on the side of caution, so these policies will remain in effect until further notice.  

Our 2021 Foal - Miss Chandra sired by Machine Made

Meet Miss Chandra with her mum Shes So Berry Cool (Valentina) at 12 hours old.