Meet Barry - our new Sundancer mascot

Barry is our new Sundancer Stables mascot who arrived in August from Florida via Fort Worth, TX.  He is a 10 years old shetland donkey who measures in at 10 hands 2.5 inches big and he has the body of a miniature horse and the head of a donkey.  He was bought at a charity auction for the benefit of Juvenile Diabetes at the 2012 Reichert Celebration.  He was auctioned with his harness and cart by Alan Parker and the photo below shows him in his auction. 

Barry is currently on loan to Horses Help in Cave Creek, where he will be visiting hospitals and schools as a part of their therapy team.  He is great with kids so we think he will be a huge hit with everyone.

Barry in his auction at the Reichert

Barry in his stall at the Reichert

Barry with Laurie

Barry strolling with Sophia - November 2012