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Welcome to our Sundancer Stables website.  To get further information on each of the topics on this website please click on the photos or links in that section.

Who we are

Sundancer Stables is dedicated to the boarding and care of all ages and types of horses, mules, ponies and donkeys. Our secure facility is located on 7 acres on 67th Avenue in Glendale, AZ and it offers stunning mountain views of Thunderbird Conservation Park, whose entrance is across the street from us, so we have very easy access to 19 miles of its trails.

Our vision is to be a nationally recognized, world class, multi-disciplinary Stable facility, where clients and horses alike can share a happy and peaceful environment to develop their chosen skills together. It also offers the opportunity to cross-train and learn skills in different disciplines.  We have really great teams of workers and clients who work together to help and support all our equine friends.

Sundancer Stables is home to world class horses:

  • It is the non-breeding home of Hes Berry Blazin (Troy) sired by the legendary Blazin Hot, who is the only breeding stud out of the legendary Miss Strawberry Walker;
  • It is home to 4 other PHBA Western Pleasure World Champions;
  • It is also home to the Horse Rhythm Foundation who provide equine therapies for Veterans and First Responders

We offer training and teach riding lessons and help in preparations for horse shows.  We also have a resident trainer, Robert Smith who lives on the property.

In addition to boarding we also welcome overnighters and can offer temporary horse boarding during owner vacations (dependent on stall availability).  We can also offer secure parking for visiting horse trailers (again dependent on parking availability).

For more information on horse boarding, or information on riding lessons or training, or to schedule a tour of our facilities please contact us on (602) 885-8402.


About Our Horses

We have boarded many different types of horses of all ages which have included:

  • Arabians
  • Andalucians
  • Appaloosas
  • Appendixes
  • Curley horses
  • Clydesdales
  • Friesians
  • Gypsy Vannas
  • Hinnies and Mules for necking/training our youngsters
  • Lusitanos
  • Miniature and Shetland donkeys
  • Miniature horses
  • Missouri Foxtrotters
  • Morgans
  • Norwegian Fjords
  • Quarter horses
  • Quarabs
  • Retired mounted police horses
  • Paints and pintos
  • Ponies of America (POAs)
  • Saddlebreds
  • Tennessee Walking Horses
  • Therapy horses and donkeys
  • Thoroughbreds
  • Canadian, Gerrman and Dutch Warmbloods


Sundancer Stables Facilities

Here are Sundancer Stables facilities:

Sundancer Stables Facilities

Meet our resident western trainer - Robert Smith

Robert Smith